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Dual Propulsion

Endless Pools Dual Propulsion Model

Dual Propulsion Endless Pool


What our customers are saying...


"I am a medical doctor. The Endless Pool's ability to provide a consistent workout cannot be overemphasized. The special health benefits of swimming against the current uses the largest number of muscles than any other exercise and causes no trauma to joints, tendons, or bones."
— Doug F., Baltimore, MD

 "I have been swimming since the middle of April and can tell a difference in my stamina and the number of strokes I am able to do at one time."
— Danielle M., Jefferson City, Missouri

Dual Propulsion Model Overview

For most customers having one swim current is perfect. They can swim anytime they want day or night. However, some families, especially those with very tight schedules, want to be able to swim at the same time. For those customers, we offer the Dual Propulsion Endless Pool, which allows two people to swim side-by-side.

The Biggest Loser TV show installed a Dual Propulsion Pool on the set for Season 13 complete with two hydraulically powered underwater treadmills for the ultimate workout. Over the course of the show, as the contestants aerobic capacity increased, they were able to increase the speed of the treadmill and also the speed of the current.

This option includes a second propulsion system and a 13'W x 14'L x 39"D size pool, customizable to 16' x 16' x 51".

Our Dual Swim Current allows two swimmers to utilize two independently controlled variable speed swim currents, complete with remote controls. With the optional swim pace display competitive couples can race against each other during their daily swim!

Many swim schools have purchased this option as it allows coaches to train multiple swimmers at the same time.