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Fastlane by Endless Pools




What our customers are saying...


"I love my Endless Pool! Your entire staff was exceptional. I have recommended your product to everyone I know."
— Terri P., Sacramento, CA

"We are very excited that we can swim all winter. The Endless Pool fit our needs to swim all year and fit into a structure that we could afford. We plan on using the pool for therapeutic use as we are craniosacral therapists and this work can be done in the water."
— Charles G., Shutesbury, MA

"The pool has changed my life!! I feel like a new person!!!."
— Patricia B. , Hanover, PA

Fastlane Overview

There’s nothing quite like a backyard pool… the pool of our memories and our dreams.  A natural gathering place for family and friends, kids playing, floating lounger, drink and book in hand… If you want to swim, though, a backyard pool is just too short. Five strokes – wall – five strokes – wall – five strokes – wall… it gets old fast. Even a 40-foot pool is not enough to get into a swimming rhythm.

That’s where we come in. We built the Fastlane® for those who already have a pool – or those who cherish the look of a traditional freeform pool – but who still desire the fitness and health benefits of swimming. We offer two models appropriate for virtually any backyard pool:

    * The Deck Mount Fastlane Pool® caters to those retrofitting an existing pool. The Fastlane Poo® unit attaches to the deck like a pool ladder, held in place by a deck plate bolted to the pool deck. Stainless-steel rails contain the hydraulic hoses that keep electricity far from the water.

    * For new construction or major pool renovations, our Wall Mount Fastlane anchors directly to the pool wall at the waterline. All connections and hoses remain out of sight, beneath the pool deck.

With either Fastlane model, you enjoy the highest quality swim current available: smooth, even, and completely adjustable in speed with a handy, water-resistant remote. Monitor your swim with our high-visibility digital display. Challenge yourself with a top speed of a 1:06 100-yard pace.

The Fastlane truly transforms your backyard pool from passive amusement to a center for lifelong health and entertainment. With the Fastlane, you can swim in place at whatever pace you set. Imagine owning a clean, utterly private river only a few feet from your back door. For play, exercise, relaxation, and complete personal well being, nothing outpaces the Fastlane®.