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"I am a medical doctor. The Endless Pool's ability to provide a consistent workout cannot be overemphasized. The special health benefits of swimming against the current uses the largest number of muscles than any other exercise and causes no trauma to joints, tendons, or bones."
— Doug F., Baltimore, MD

"I have been swimming since the middle of April and can tell a difference in my stamina and the number of strokes I am able to do at one time."
— Danielle M., Jefferson City, Missouri

"I set two more world records in my age group breaking the 50m breast record in May and the 200 breast in July. The Endless Pool is a help in my training."
— Bonnie P., Heriot Bay, British Colombia

MORE THAN ANY OTHER EXERCISE, swimming uses the greatest number of muscles in the body. In an Endless Pool, you swim against a consistent current which offers unique benefits over land-based exercise: improved strength and stamina with no trauma to joints, tendons, or bones.

Swimming against a current also means no need for turning and pushing off. No matter your fitness level, it's a much more concentrated and efficient workout.

The addition of an underwater mirror allows you to watch your form and make immediate changes to your swim technique. Endless Pool owner and swim coach Larry L. of Chazy, NY states: ... the Endless Pool "provides an outstanding aerobic workout in less than half the time we would spend in still water."

Whether an avid competitor, a coach honing swim skills, or you simply want to learn how to swim better, our adjustable swim current is designed for all levels of ability.