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WaterWell Therapy & Exercise Pools



What our customers are saying...


"If you want to stay in shape there is nothing better than an Endless Pool."
— Debbie S., Sumner, Iowa

"Owning the Endless Pool is such a pleasure to us. We are proud of it and the room we built for it. The ease of maintenance and the convenience, privacy and health benefits do not show up in the pictures we are sending!"
— Nichole M., Austin, TX 

WaterWell Overview

IDEAL FOR AQUATIC EXERCISE AND THERAPY, the WaterWell provides chest-deep water in a freestanding package that fits just about anywhere.

Aquatic exercise is proven to reduce pain and promote healing. The natural buoyancy of water dramatically reduces tension and pressure on the body and eliminates stress on joints and muscles.

The WaterWell's unique combination of heat, water and motion gives many people a respite from chronic pain and stiffness, improves circulation, increases flexibility and relieves muscle spasms.

A convenient bench provides another workout station and our optional treadmill allows you to walk, jog, or even run. Lose weight, improve your range of motion, and strengthen and tone muscles without stressing vulnerable joints.

Easy to install in new or existing rooms, all components fit easily through doorways and down stairs. Available in a variety of sizes and depths, we can customize a WaterWell for your specific fitness needs, goals, and lifestyle.