Endless Pools® Options

The Most Popular Choices to Customize Your Endless Pool

Which Endless Pools options are right for you? That depends on how will you use your pool.

Whether it's for swimming or relaxation, triathlon training or water aerobics, you can choose from a range of options to customize your Endless Pool for your needs and lifestyle. You can start exploring our most popular options here.

Underwater Treadmill

Walk, run, or jog in your Endless Pool! For weight loss, cross training, pain management, and more, turn your pool into a complete home gym for low-impact aquatic activity.

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Swim Mirrors

Make swimming more fun and effective! These stainless-steel mirrors let you monitor every swim stroke in real time while keeping you centered in the current.

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Fit@Home App

Control your Endless Pool from any smart device. With Fit@Home, you can program advanced interval workouts, control the swim current and treadmill, and more.

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