Endless Pools Fastlane® Series

Turn your pool into an Endless Pool.

The Endless Pools Fastlane produces a smooth, quiet, powerful current that's perfect for any backyard pool. You choose your pace for swimming in place, added resistance for aquatic exercise, a relaxing 'lazy river,' boogie-boarding, and more active fun!

Swimming with the Fastlane means no flip turns. You'll enjoy an uninterrupted swimming rhythm for a fun, low-impact, cardiovascular workout, right in the privacy of your own backyard. With 2 models to choose from, the Fastlane Pro delivers more power and versatility for all levels, and the Fastlane Sport offers a gentler current for leisurely swims.

The Fastlane turns your pool into a playground for a summer full of fun. Imagine Marco Polo with the Fastlane current! Or grab a floatie and drift peacefully 'downstream.' And many customers use the Fastlane to help their kids develop vital swimming skills in a controlled, comfortable environment.

Easy to install, the Fastlane fits virtually any traditional pool. For fitness or fun, the Fastlane current adds brand new dimensions to your pool.

Fastlane Pro

Put the Endless Pools swim current in your pool. Use it with your Endless Pools Hydrostride™ to develop balance and core fitness.

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Fastlane Sport

Get your traditional pool in motion with a gentler current for playtime, fitness, and recreational swimming.

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