House Tour: Garage PoolsAbove ground

With a small footprint, an Endless Pool lets you swim, exercise, and play – all in less than half of a two-car garage.

Move the lawnmower and dusty boxes aside! Turn your garage into an all-weather pool enclosure with an economical aboveground Endless Pool installation.


  • The least expensive option for installing your pool, especially since most garages already have level concrete floors.
  • Allows for year-round swimming in any weather.
  • The easiest option for do-it-yourselfers.
  • Excavation is not necessary.
  • Installation can be faster than for partial or full excavations.
  • Heating costs are lower than for outdoor pools.
  • Keeps unwanted pool access more difficult for children and pets.
  • You can create a unique, beautiful and private custom setting for your pool.


  • You may need an exterior step or stairway to enter the pool.
  • Ceiling height may limit which Endless Pools are appropriate.
  • A fully or partially in-ground pool can be more attractive and accessible.