Endless Pools® Hydrostride

A Treadmill for Your Backyard Pool

Lose weight, save time, reduce stress, have more energy … now you can do all of these in your backyard pool.

Unlock your new pool's full potential with the Endless Pools Hydrostride. You can get a total-body workout when you walk, jog, or run in water, all from the convenience of your home pool. There'll be no commute, no crowds, and no waiting.

You'll also get the extraordinary benefits of aquatic exercise:

The Endless Pools Hydrostride features:

Hydrostride Features

Long available exclusively in Endless Pools' custom installations and spas, the Endless Pools Hydrostride is used by thousands daily around the world. Now with the Hydrostride, an invigorating workout can be as fun as taking a dip in your backyard pool.

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Train at Home

Triathletes and marathon runners use the Endless Pools Hydrostride to take the weight off for recovery runs and cross training. Water running is a smart way to log miles without inflicting more dry-land pounding on your joints.

For the benefits of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), use the Endless Pools Fit@Home app. The app lets you control the Endless Pools Hydrostride from any smart device. You can pre-program HIIT workouts for a vigorous challenge with a metabolic boost!

Heal at Home

For therapy and recovery, nothing beats the Endless Pools Hydrostride! Water makes you buoyant and allows you to exercise even when it's painful to move on dry land.

Aquatic exercise is a safe, beneficial option for people with arthritis and other joint disorders; muscular dystrophy; muscle atrophy; and lower-extremity injuries. With the Endless Pools Hydrostride, you can get active sooner so you can get back to your normal life faster.

Maximize the potential of your backyard pool with the Endless Pool Hydrostride!

Fastlane® Pro

Put the Endless Pools swim current in your pool. Use it with your Endless Pools Hydrostride to develop balance and core fitness.

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