Open Water Swimming

A smooth, fully adjustable river-like current to train against.

To recreate the open water swimming experience, nothing beats an Endless Pool. There are no turns and no stopping – just a smooth, steady, river-like current.

The Endless Pool's swim current is wider than your body and deeper than your stroke. Olympian Alex Meyer trained with the Elite model at Harvard University, which features our widest, deepest, and fastest current, maxing at a :51/100-yard pace. The uninterrupted swimming lets you better develop your open-water endurance.

It was not until I started using the Endless Pool that I discovered that what I disliked about regular pools was all those turns. Now I can swim all day without turning and never move an inch.
— Becca K., Davis, CA

The temperature-controlled Endless Pool also lets you acclimate to the waters you're training for. Planning a swim in a 59° channel? Then set your Endless Pool to 59° and be fully prepared for your actual swim conditions! (The pool can also be set to a comfortable 85° and tops off at a tropical 92°.)

Because the pool is so compact, temperature control is more affordable than for full-sized pools. And with indoor and outdoor installation options, you get year-round convenience to train for as long as you want, anytime you want.

The optional swim mirror (easily visible in the pool's bubble-free current) allows real-time adjustments for technique and body positioning. For muscle recovery, injury rehab, and fitness development, the optional underwater treadmill makes the ideal low-impact cross-trainer.

Regular Endless Pool training will help you achieve a new PB – we guarantee it!

I noticed an increase in core stability and core strength since beginning to train in the Endless Pool. The current really forces you to focus on streamlining and laying ‘high and flat’ on the water. I feel like the Endless Pool has helped me focus on stroke efficiency, gliding, and a high body position.